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Getting started with Nissan CARWINGS

Nissan CARWINGS helps you to manage your vehicle and control some functions directly from your computer or from your mobile phone (iPhone or Android). If you own a vehicle equipped with Nissan CARWINGS, getting started is easy. There are three quick steps.

1. Sign up to YOU+NISSAN

You’ll also benefit from a host of offers and services exclusive to Nissan owners.

Enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your car and we will automatically detect that your car is equipped with Nissan CARWINGS.

If you don't have your VIN yet, don't worry, you dealer will send it to you by email soon. If it is equipped with CARWINGS, you can very easily register before collecting the car from the dealer.
Indeed it is advisable to do so before collection.
Read and accept the Nissan CARWINGS Terms of Use, and choose a Display Name for your car.
At this point you will also choose a User ID and a password.

Check out these videos to find out more about LEAF’s innovative CARWINGS technology:

How to get the best out of your Nissan LEAF by registering to CARWINGS PLAY VIDEO
CARWINGS allows owners to remotely charge the LEAF and activate the aircon PLAY VIDEO
Use the power of Google search in your LEAF to locate points of interest PLAY VIDEO
Use Google™ Send-To-Car to transmit your destination from Google Maps to the LEAF PLAY VIDEO
Map journeys according to your current range and the charging stations on your route PLAY VIDEO

1. Login to your car

How to get the best out of your Nissan LEAF by registering to CARWINGS

You will receive a confirmation email once Nissan CARWINGS has been activated for your car (this can up to 2 hours, but usually less than a few minutes). Once you receive this email, you can go to your dealer.

Your dealer will activate the car connectivity unit. Together, you will login to your car using your new User ID and password.

3. And you're away!

Log back in to YOU+NISSAN and you will be connected to your car.  At this point you can also use your iPhone and download the NissanConnect EV application. Login to the application using the same User ID and password that you used to connect to YOU+NISSAN and in the vehicle itself.
Visit this site to download the application.

How to activate CARWINGS in the car?

Input a CARWINGS user ID and password.

Note: User must register CARWINGS™
and go to his dealer before input ID and password.

  • Push Zero Emission button.
  • Touch CARWINGS.
  • Touch CARWINGS settings.
  • Touch Activate CARWINGS.
  • Touch User ID.
  • Enter User ID and touch OK.
  • Touch Password.
  • Enter password and touch OK.
  • Touch Activate Security Settings.
  • Confirm and touch Yes.

Note: User ID and password are case sensitive.