You Plus

Driving History

Driving records

Driving Records is a service with which you can see your driving records such as Energy Economy and driving route (*). You can select a day from the calendar and see the data for that day. You can also see daily and monthly driving data on the graph. Please make use of it to assist your day-to-day driving.

My driving style

You can see car information unique to EV such as energy economy and electric energy used in a car. The level is displayed regarding each usage of electricity.

Electric rate simulation

Electric Rate Simulation is a service which converts electric power used by EV driving to its electric rate (*).
You can see the detail of electricity usage and driving route for each drive.
You can download the details of electricity usage in the form of csv files or get it by e-mail. Please make use of it as a guide for understanding your electricity usage.

(*) The data used for this feature will be uploaded from your Nissan LEAF once a day and will be visible after this.